Dear Treasured Supporters, Friends and Family,

Personally, we were never fans of Corona the Beer, but Corona the virus…well that Corona is no buena.
We know a few people who were infected but thankfully recovered.
Hearing of their harrowing experiences, There’s no exaggeration when it’s called “The Beast”.
But these catastrophic Covid-19 times bought out the best in people, bringing us together even while we’re separated.

The last 2 weeks have been surreal for all of us.
Personally, we celebrated what would have been Calder “Mr. Awesome” Sloan’s 13th Birthday
and a week later the 6th anniversary of his passing.
His spirit and your support accomplished amazing things over the last 2 weeks
of Caleb and Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation’s “Covid-19 Has Met Its Match” Campaign:

Over $120,000 in donations and matches to over 100 different charities including food banks, first responders, hospitals, and relief organizations.
Over 250 donors from all across America

Thank you for your continuous support time and time again,
especially now when times are so difficult and uncertain for everyone.
Please stay safe, healthy, and sheltered in place.
Like a very painful kidney stone, this too will pass.

Chris, Carla, Calder, and Caleb