Benefit Programs from 2C Creative and the Caleband Calder Sloan Awesome Foundation Day of Action.

Project Thrive serves children from as young as 6 weeks to five years in a natural, inclusive setting. Children enrolled at the Kendall accredited site include those with special needs as well as typically developing children. Eligible children receive high-quality early educational experiences in addition to physical, occupational and/or speech and language therapy. As a funded United Way impact partner, the agency is
also participating in the Pathways to Quality initiative. By participating in trainings and quality improvement efforts, Pathways to Quality programs are working towards providing high quality early education and modeling best practices for other programs. Volunteer Opportunities at Project Thrive Sensory garden: Children who have sensory processing disorders tend to have extreme reactions to sensory stimulation. A sensory garden can be very therapeutic for people who suffer from sensory stimulation issues.

  • Secure auditory (e.g. chimes), visual (e.g. shiny pans), and tactile (e.g. velcro) stimuli to bars (pictured below)
  • Assemble water and sand play tables
  • Install a new mesh fence surrounding the garden space
  • Create level paths with stepping stones to allow for wheel chair access.

We also partnered up with the 5 th grade class from Lehrman Community Day School. The 5 the graders put on a sensory carnival for the children at the school as well as doing arts and crafts with the children.

Friends, Family, 2C’ers, Lehrman Families, the United Way, and all you Awesome people!

Thank you to all who came, worked, sweated, and hopefully had some fun as we got our #Awesome on! Over 100 people turned out to take The 2nd Annual Caleb & Calder Sloan Give Back Day to 11! New murals, sensory garden, planters, paint, picnic tables, landscaping, AstroTurf, and an interactive play experience all for the deserving special needs kids at the ARC School came together in 1 incredible day. We appreciate all who support the Caleb & Calder Sloan Awesome Foundation’s mission of Laughter. Adventure. Kindness. Calder’s spirit lives on because of people like you.

With love and appreciation,
Chris, Carla, Caleb, and Calder

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