It’s fitting that five years after our boy slipped the surly bonds of earth, Calder’s name once again adorns a graceful Boeing 727. This plane that we affectionately call Awesome Onewill be publicly displayed at Miami International Airport. The 727-223 registered as

House of Awesome 3

Thank you for being #AWESOME Thank you for unleashing your #Awesome at The Caleb & Calder Sloan Awesome Foundation’s House of Awesome 3 at Promax! It was a trifecta of giving! Our Party with a Purpose packed 2,500 backpacks full of supplies for LA’s homeless kids. The raffle generated over $2,000 in

House of Awesome Returns to Promax Conference 2019

Caleb and Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation returns to the 2019 Promax Conference on Thursday, June 6, to stuff backpacks for homeless kids in Los Angeles. In its third year, the House of Awesome will host conference attendees as they pack backpacks full of school supplies and write inspirational notes for kids accompanied by a

Swimming Pool Safety: Electrocutions Raise Alarm Before Summer

The tragic death of a boy electrocuted in a North Miami swimming pool in April has raised alarm among parents — and now water safety experts are warning families to take extra caution as kids get revved up for Memorial Day weekend and summer vacation. Calder Sloan, a vivacious and athletic 7-year-old, died

PromaxBDA, Sloan Foundation Partner to Help Homeless Kids

PromaxBDA and Caleb and Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation invite attendees to this year’s conference in New York City to come stuff pencil packs and do some social good all while having fun on Thursday, June 14 at the Midtown Hilton. Volunteers will assemble packs full of school supplies for homeless school children,

Saying Goodbye to Our Little AvGeek, Mr. Awesome

DEAR FRIENDS AND FAMILY IN THE AVIATION INDUSTRY: As many of you know Carla, Caleb, and I and our family lost our incredible, big hearted, and brilliant 7-year old son Calder “Mr. Awesome” Sloan on Sunday. He passed away due to a tragic and bizarre accident. Calder was an AvGeek from the beginning. He


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